Security lighting and floodlighting

In addition to the role we play managing public lighting assets on behalf of local government and the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI), SA Power Networks provides a service to install security or floodlighting in public spaces mounted on SA Power Networks infrastructure.

This security lighting helps to increase safety and security of a public or private area, and can also improve the amenity of an area at night.

These lighting arrangements have a higher wattage than those supplied for road lighting. As such the billing cycle is slightly different, with the maintenance component billed directly from SA Power Networks on a three monthly cycle, and the energy usage from the retailer on a monthly cycle.

Should you be interested in the installation of a security light, please contact the our Builders and Contractors line on 1300 650 014 to arrange an appointment.

For information about private security lighting, see our security lighting fact sheet.