Glynde Substation

A new substation is proposed in Glynde to meet the anticipated future electricity needs of people and businesses in the area and the wider eastern suburbs. 

Construction of a new substation is critical to maintaining the reliability and security of power supply, as the local electricity network will soon reach full capacity and be unable to meet peak summer demand for customers. The new substation will also improve our ability to respond to and manage outages in the eastern suburbs.

However timing for commencement of the project has been delayed as, in recent times, localised demand growth in the Glynde area has slowed. This means that the additional substation capacity is now not required until the summer of 2015/16 or possibly 2016/17 at the latest.

Confirming an exact date will depend on what happens with load growth, which is influenced by changing customer behaviour including take up of energy efficient appliances, solar PV etc.

We are conscious that residents are keen to know our plans and are committed to advising them as soon as we are able to make an announcement.

The Barnes Road site, which we have owned since 1957, is our current preferred site, but we have been consulting with the State Government to see whether it has any appropriate land available in the area. We also are reviewing some previously identified potential sites to see if they have become available and are purchasable at an appropriate price. In looking at alternative sites, we not only will need to meet a number of technical/network requirements, but we also are not prepared to move to a different site if it means impacting a different group of residents in the area.