Development work notification

To ensure adequate supply for all customers, it's important you notify us of any developments that may impact the load placed upon the distribution network. We are particularly interested if there may be a need for 3-phase power, especially in areas where the infrastructure is not yet available.

Before developing or expanding an enterprise, we require the following information:

  • Power required in kVA from size of motors or pumps
  • Number of motors or pumps
  • Pattern of power usage and time of day
  • Number of starts on large motors or pumps
  • Current loads
  • Details of any disturbing loads, eg harmonics

If you're a business operator, your electrical consultant will be able to assist you to provide us with this information.

Customers who require upgrades or extensions to the electricity distribution network exclusively for their benefit may be required to contribute to the capital cost of those upgrades.

Once calculated, any required contributions to capital works will be discounted by an allowance based on the customer's potential use of electricity averaged over 3 years.

Please contact us for more information.

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