Technical Standards

The SA Power Networks Technical Standards documents provide requirements for:

  • design and construction of overhead and underground distribution lines; and
  • design and construction of telecommunication facilities.

These Technical Standards apply to all equipment to be connected to the SA Power Networks LV and HV distribution network and third party telecommunication facilities attached to SA Power Networks assets. They also detail the obligations of customers when selecting electrical equipment and requirements for ongoing maintenance.

The Technical Standards are for use by SA Power Networks employees, engineers, building work contractors, licensed electrical contractors and registered electrical workers who are directly engaged in activities associated with construction of new distribution lines to be connected to the SA Power Networks distribution network. The telecommunications Technical Standard is for use by our employees, third party telecommunications companies and designers who are engaged in telecommunications activities associated with the use of SA Power Networks distribution network.

These Technical Standards also contain information that may be useful for consultants, architects, SA Power Networks customers and the general public.