Screening Test Notices (STN)

SA Power Networks performs a non network options screening process for projects in accordance with Section 5.17.4 of the National Electricity Rules (NER) and the RIT-D Guidelines issued by the AER.
This process establishes whether or not any Non Network option is a credible alternative to the preferred network option to resolve a system limitation. If a credible option is identified then a Non Network Options Report is issued for public consultation.  If no credible option exists then a Screening Test Notice is published.
Further information on this process can be found in the Demand Side Engagement Document.
To be advised of the publication of a Screening Test Notice or other regulatory planning documents, please register your interest on the Demand Side Engagement Register.

The results of these tests are published below:


RT002/13 Glenelg North Cable (33kB)

RT009/13 Bolivar to Virginia 66kV line (350kB)

RT008/13 Eastern Hills Capacity Constraint (1MB)

RT005/13 Dorrien and Nuriootpa N-1 capacity (1 MB)

RT007/13 Virginia Substation N-1 capacity (1 MB)

RT003/13 Gawler Belt N-1 capacity (300kB)

RT004/13 McLaren Flat N-1 capacity (300kB)

RT006/13 Kapunda N-1 capacity (220kB)

RT001/13 Bungama to Peterborough 33kV Line Voltages (1 MB)


RT002/12 Port Lincoln 33kV Substations (551kB)

RT015/11 Salisbury Substation 11kV feeders – (1.4 MB)

RT001/12 - Moonta Substation (500 KB)


RT0011/11 - Northfield to Inglefarm 66kV Sub Transmission line (600 KB)

RT007/11 - Balhannah 66/33kV distribution substation (600 KB)

RT003/11 - Aldgate and Piccadilly Substations (800 KB)

RT004/11 - Kingswood Substation (700 KB)

RT005/11 - Parafield Gardens Substation (600 KB)

RT006/11 - Williamstown Substation (700 KB)

RT002/11 - Overload of Kapunda Substation (2 MB)

The reasonableness test for the Overload of Campbelltown and Woodforde Substations has been revised and republished below:

RT005/11 - Overload of Campbelltown and Woodforde Substations (1 MB)


RT008/10 - Overload of Balaklava Substation (315KB)

RT006/10 - Overload of Marrabel Substation (470KB)

RT005/10 - Overload of Piccadilly Substation (600KB)

RT004/10 - Growth of Cavan and Metro North (450KB)

RT003/10 - Overload of Mount Barker Substation (2MB)