Freeling North substation

SA Power Networks powers up new residential developments in the Barossa

In September 2011, SA Power Networks successfully energised a new modular substation at Freeling North to accommodate the growing power needs of an area experiencing significant residential expansion.

The $2.3 million project follows the growth in residential developments at Freeling, which drove the need to create a substation that would meet increased electricity demand as well as cope with future load requirements.

What did this project involve?

Freeling North is a modular skid-mounted substation assembled at SA Power Netwoeks' Marleston depot by the supply restoration and substation construction groups prior to its transportation and installation on site.

The modular substation consists of a 3.8MVA 33/11kV transformer, one 33kV recloser, two 11kV reclosers, station transformer and protection and control equipment.

The Freeling North site had a substantial gradient, which required detailed design and significant civil works to create a level substation yard prior to the substation being installed, and to allow for future expansion at the site.

Once on site the transformer was connected to the existing feeders. New overhead line and underground cable installed, in addition to new stobie poles and a new three meter-high security fence.

All of this work required significant coordination of various SA Power Networks workgroups and numerous contractors.  

What was the timeline of the project?

Site works commenced in March 2011 and were completed ahead of schedule in September 2011.