Glynde Substation

A new substation is proposed in Glynde to meet the anticipated future electricity needs of people and businesses in the area and the wider eastern suburbs. 

Timing of commencement of the project has been delayed as, in recent times, localised demand growth in the Glynde area has slowed. At this stage, with the slow down in demand growth in the area, construction is likely to be deferred beyond 2020, but will be subject to further assessment of the need based on changes to electricity demand in the area.

Confirming an exact date will depend on what happens with load growth, which is influenced by changing customer behaviour, including take up of energy efficient appliances, solar PV etc.

Due to residential development around our existing Barnes Road site, which we have owned since 1957, SA Power Networks has been seeking to locate an alternative substation site in the industrial zone of Glynde.

We have now made a contractual offer for land within the industrial zone, with purchase subject to completion of our due diligence, including environmental assessment.  We recognise the interest of the local community and, once we have completed our due diligence and confirmed whether we will proceed with the purchase of the land, we will announce more details.