Mount Barker East

Mount Barker East development – Update

SA Power Networks  has reached a decision on the final alignment for the overhead powerline that will supply electricity to the Mt Barker redevelopment area. This alignment was recommended by the project Steering Committee, which comprised of SA Power Networks, the District Council of Mount Barker and the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure. The decision took into consideration feedback from local community members, landowners and developers, staff and elected members of Council, and the assessment of line route options undertaken by the Steering Committee. 

A proposed new substation and 66,000 Volt (66kV) overhead powerline would need to be built in the next five to seven years to support the anticipated 11,000 new homes and associated commercial, community and recreational development in the eastern sector of Mount Barker and provide corridors for future line extensions. (View the construction timeframe here)

Consistent with current regulatory requirements, the 66kV line will be constructed above ground, using Stobie poles not towers, and all new 11,000 Volts (11kV) and low voltage lines within the new development will be installed underground, consistent with current Regulatory mandated expectations. 

Final line route

SA Power Networks has notified all affected landowners of the decision on the line route and has commenced an initial land survey process.  A preliminary design will be prepared and more detailed discussions with landowners and developers on the specific alignment of the line will be undertaken later this year.  Power Networks will also start negotiations on any easements required by the end of the year. 

Key factors informing the specific alignment of the power line within each property include the current and intended future use of the land, trees and topography, visual amenity, location of dwelling or other structures and fence lines.


The final location of the substation to support the new line route will be identified through further discussions with Council and landowners. Click on the following link to find out more about the role of a substation in supplying electricity. Plans for the design of the substation will reflect its location but here are some examples of recent substation designs

Next steps

SA Power will begin preparation of a concept design for the line route around mid-2015. This will be followed by detailed discussion of the route and likely easements with the relevant landowners and developers.


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