North Adelaide

Power boost to support further load growth in North Adelaide

SA Power Networks is undertaking a significant upgrade of its North Adelaide network to boost reliability and security of supply to about 5,000 residential and commercial customers in the area.

Why is this project important?

The North Adelaide substation was heading towards its capacity limit so these works are a critical step in maintaining a safe and reliable power supply to our customers. The $15 million project marks a significant investment in our North Adelaide power network.

What will the project involve?

A new 32MVA transformer has been installed with a second set for installation early 2012. The construction of a new, state-of-the-art substation control building at the North Adelaide site has been completed, and works will include the installation of three new 66,000 Volt circuit breakers, two new 11,000 Volt feeders and the upgrade of the protection between the North Adelaide, Hindley Street and East Terrace substations.

The new North Adelaide feeders will also provide support to nearby substations at Harrow and Prospect.

Essential trenching work is currently underway along the eastern side of O'Connell Street in preparation for new underground 11,000V cables from the North Adelaide substation through to Kermode Street.

The project will also include replacing the manholes at each of the major intersections along O'Connell Street ( Ward, Archer and Tynte Streets).