Para & Elizabeth South substations

SA Power Networks powers up Adelaide's north east

SA Power Networks has recently completed a substantial upgrade of its Para and Elizabeth South substations to meet the growing power needs of Adelaide's expanding north-eastern suburbs.

What did the works involve?

The $4.9 million upgrade included the installation of new circuit breakers at Para and Elizabeth South substations and will provide a more reliable and robust protection system in an area experiencing substantial residential growth.

Supporting the new circuit breakers and associated technology is a newly installed state-of-the-art control room at Elizabeth South substation.

The control room is fitted with the latest telecommunications equipment and fibre-optic cabling, and the additional  panel space will allow for future expansion.  

These works required precise and detailed planning due to the complexity of the project. A contingency plan was in place during the works to minimise the risk of an outage, and if any risk was identified, plans and on-site work schedules were altered accordingly.

Which customers will benefit from these works?

Customers in Adelaide's North East suburbs - specifically Elizabeth South, Elizabeth Heights and Parafield Gardens.

What is the timeline of this project?

Planning and design commenced May 2009. On-site works commenced mid-2010 and was completed in September 2011.