Corporate information

As a provider of an essential service to the South Australian community, SA Power Networks has a commitment to providing comprehensive information about our performance, activities and plans.

Regulatory Process

Every five years, the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) makes a regulatory revenue determination based on our proposal for improving, maintaining and operating the distribution network to meet the needs of the South Australian community.  The AER determination approves the levels of capital investment, operating cost, and overall funding required to complete our program of work.

On 3 July 2015 we submitted our 2015-2020 Revised Regulatory Proposal to the AER.

The AER will make a final determination on our regulatory proposal by 31 October 2015 that will take effect from 1 July 2016.

Throughout the determination process the AER has advised it will consult with interested parties and take their views into account.

Further information on the AER's approach to the SA Power Networks - Determination 2015-20 can be found at the AER website.

SA Power Networks Ring-Fencing

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) released a new Ring-Fencing Guideline on 30 November 2016, and the final Guideline in October 2017. This Guideline is binding on all distribution network service providers (DNSPs) operating in the National Electricity Market. 

The Guideline aims to promote competition in the provision of electricity services while ensuring that cross-subsidisation and discrimination do not occur between the core business of DNSPs and related entities.  It does this by introducing:

  • new legal and accounting separation obligations - to prevent any cross-subsidisation between regulated and unregulated services; and
  • new functional separation obligations - to prevent a DNSP conferring any competitive advantage on a related entity that provides any contestable electricity services.

The AER's Ring-Fencing Guideline is available HERE.

The Guideline requires compliance as soon as possible and by no later than 1 January 2018. SA Power Networks has assessed the impact of the Guideline on all services it provides and has implemented significant changes to comply within the required timeframes. We have undertaken work to ensure we comply with the Guideline as early as possible with the lowest cost to our customers and minimum impact to the business. Our ring-fencing implementation plan is available  HERE.

In very limited circumstances we may seek from the AER short-term waiver(s) from some obligations in the Guideline for services where it is not cost-effective to comply with the Guideline - and where no harm to competition occurs.  These applications are subject to public consultation prior to the AER deciding whether to grant or refuse the application.

The Guideline also requires DNSPs to establish, maintain and publish the following registers on their website:

  • Office and staff sharing registers - available HERE. These registers identify our offices / locations that provide regulated services and contestable electricity services and the staff involved in the provision or marketing of direct control services and contestable electricity services.
  • Information register - available HERE. This register sets out the kind of electricity information which SA Power Networks has shared with legal entities (including related entities of SA Power Networks).
  • Waivers register - available HERE. This register records details of the waivers granted to SA Power Networks by the AER.

Sharing of information

As required by the Guideline, an information protocol has been developed for sharing of confidential electricity information. The protocol can be found HERE, and the information register request form for legal entities can be found HERE.

Corporate Reporting

The structure of our reporting includes:

Regulatory reporting

SA Power Networks provides significant information on our performance to the Regulator for monitoring purposes. Costs are allocated in accordance with our AER-approved Cost Allocation Method. We also provide a comprehensive regulatory proposal for each five-year regulatory period. This information is available at the websites of the Australian Energy Regulator and the Essential Services Commission of SA.

We also publish information on our network planning.


Operational reporting

Our Annual Reports provide an overview of our operations, activities and achievements.

Our media releases also provide substantial information about our activities.


Financial reporting

Our financial reports provide our detailed, audited accounts.


Community and environment reporting

Our activities in this area are reported in our community and environment publications.