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Lighting Solutions manages public lighting and street lighting assets for local government, developers and external contractors. We provide a range of services for these assets, including lighting design, installation, consulting, lighting audits and energy analysis, connections and ongoing maintenance. Our business is unique in that we have the ability to offer our customers a turnkey solution for lighting design and construction. Through our expert knowledge, experience and passion in this specialised area, we aim to ensure that your lighting project runs seamlessly from start to finish and the final result is something of which you can be proud. SA Power Networks works collaboratively with government bodies and lighting manufacturers to make South Australia's public lighting more efficient by implementing LED technology and smart lighting applications.

Our customers have the option to select an ever-increasing number of energy efficient LED lighting types. Our policy is to replace as many failed streetlights as possible with suitable LED luminaires. We have also developed a new tariff structure and pricing model that facilitates the efficient and timely replacement of existing public lighting with LED lighting. An overview of the new tariff structure is included in the notes to our Public Lighting Tariffs publication, which is available here.

Lighting solutions develop specific solutions and concepts that effectively address a variety of lighting needs in terms of operational efficiency, sustainability, enhanced safety and beautification and situational enhancement. Not only does Lighting Solutions provide design and construction solutions on SA Power Networks' infrastructure, we also offer a 'one stop shop' for AS3000 design and construction on privately-owned infrastructure. Our approach is personalised with an aim to understand our clients key drivers and objectives; we will deliver a flexible solution that is tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Why choose Lighting Solutions?

Clients from across Australia choose us because we have the experience to guarantee the success of your lighting projects. We have exceptional relationships with our customers, are accountable and stand by what we deliver and have a proven track record in delivering minor and major infrastructure projects. Lighting Solutions are reliable and employ advanced resource management processes, enabling us to mobilise quickly. We do not compromise on safety and it is a key component in all work we do.

Lighting Solutions offer turnkey solutions which include:

  • Lighting design and engineering solutions
  • Lighting audits and whole of life energy analysis
  • Project management
  • Asset management
  • Secondary design
  • Worldwide procurement
  • Consulting services
  • Smart lighting
  • Technical services
  • Maintenance and service plans
  • Construction and commissioning

For further information on how we can help you manage your lighting project, please contact Lighting Solutions on (08) 8292 0434 or email

LED lighting - Stretton Park 

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Have you discovered a faulty street light?

Please visit our Street lights out page to inform us if you have found a faulty street light.