Work Health and Safety

At SA Power Networks we are committed to achieving a workplace free of injuries for all workers (which includes employees, supplementary labour, contractors, subcontractors and other persons such as volunteers and work experience students). We believe no job is worth doing if it cannot be done safely and we expect our contractors to have the same commitment and belief to workplace safety.

We acknowledge we have a duty to provide our contractors and their workers with suitable and adequate information, instruction and, when appropriate, training to ensure that when engaged by SA Power Networks, they understand what hazards may be present and how SA Power Networks intends to manage any risks to safety. The information and processes below provide information to assist SA Power Networks and contractors in managing Work Health and Safety.

SA Power Networks Contractor WHS Induction

SA Power Networks requires contractors working on its sites and projects to undertake a general safety induction. The intent of the induction is to provide relevant information to keep workers and others safe while engaged by SA Power Networks and to make them aware of any specific conditions associated with our workplaces. It is not intended to instruct workers on how to perform their work and contractors are not to limit the management of risks, associated with tasks they perform, to the contents of the induction.

The induction consists of a Business Registration and a WHS induction. The Business Registration can only be completed by a contractor who is directly engaged by SA Power Networks and which has been approved and assigned a Vendor Number by SA Power Networks Procurement Branch. The WHS Induction is for individual workers of registered contractors who will perform works on SA Power Networks sites or projects. All subcontractors and their workers engaged by the registered contractor must also have completed this worker WHS induction prior to commencing works for the contractor on SA Power Networks sites and projects.

On completion of the induction a card will be issued to the worker which then is to be worn by the worker when working on SA Power Networks sites and projects.

The Contractor WHS induction is required to be renewed every 2 years from the initial date.

SA Power Networks appreciates your commitment to helping us strive for a workplace free of injuries. The following link will take you to the SA Power Networks online Contractor WHS Induction.

SA Power Networks Contractor WHS Induction