Operations Manuals

The following library of operational manuals, are available to our external customers and contractors. Access to these manuals is restricted via password protection.

If you do not have a password and  are an SA Power Networks endorsed contractor, please contact NetworkStandards@sapowernetworks.com.au

Click here to login to your relevant operational manuals.

Available manuals

1.    ABC/CCT Construction

2.    33kV, SWER, 66kV Construction

3.    Overhead Construction

4.    Underground Construction

4A. Cable Jointing

5.    Public Lighting Construction

6.    Switching Operators Handbook

8.    Bushfire Risk Management

9.    Telecommunications Constructions

11.  Line Inspection Manual

12.  Network Maintenance

13.  NM Emergency Response

14.  Safety, Reliability, Maintenance & Technical Management Plan

26.  Facilities Access

27A. Asset Access Manual

37.  Vegetation Management

40.  Civil Construction