Request for Network Access

Completing a Request for Network Access (RNA) form will request that SA Power Networks turns off the power at your specific site or location, on a date and at a time that has been agreed to by all parties. Please allow 28 business days from the day of submitting your request to us. There may be some circumstances where we may not be able to meet those requests.

Prior to completing the RNA form you will need to ensure you have all the correct information. For information and resources that will help you complete the form, please see Request for Network Access resources or you may wish to call the Network Access Officer on 8404 5409.

Remember: it is your responsibility, not that of SA Power Networks, to determine what you need to ensure your own safety, the safety of those employed and/or contracted to you, and the safety of the general public.

You will be asked to read and agree to the Terms and Conditions for Network Access Pursuant to a Network Access Permit before submitting your form. If you wish to proceed with your application, please select the appropriate type of isolation below:

  • If you intend to carry out any of the types of work below including Pot Holing, Directional Boring within the designated areas, trenching/excavating, erecting scaffolding or any work in the vicinity of SA Power Networks infrastructure either overhead or underground, you are required to submit a Request for Network Access form for approval.
  • If you intend to carry out any work on the Customers Installation of any electrical work as defined in Clause 18 of the Electricity (General) Regulations 1997, you must first submit a request for connection / alteration / removal etc to your retailer, not an Access Permit request. Electrical contractors may wish to go directly to the REX system to complete the Form A or Form B.