Demand Side Engagement Register (DSER)

The Demand Side Engagement Register is used to advise those parties contained within the register of the publication of various documents produced by SA Power Networks in accordance with Chapter 5 of the National Electricity Rules.
Registered parties will be advised by Email of the publication of : 

  1. Screening Test Notices (STN);
  2. Non-Network Option Reports (NNOR);
  3. Draft Project Assessment Reports (DPAR);
  4. Final Project Assessment Reports (FPAR);
  5. Distribution Annual Planning Report (DAPR); and
  6. Demand Side Engagement Document.

Further information regarding these documents is contained within the Demand Side Engagement Document.
Please note that this register will not be used to identify potential suppliers of equipment or services outside of specific proposals received in response to a specific Non-Network Options Report.
To register on the Demand Side Engagement Register, please complete the registration form available from the following link.

Register on the Demand Side Engagement Register