Non Network Options Reports (NNOR)

Where SA Power Networks determines that a non-network option may be a viable solution to resolve a specific system limitation we publish a Non-Network Options Report.  This report invites comments and proposals for solutions to the identified system limitation from all market participants, interested parties and those parties registered on SA Power Networks Demand Side Engagement Register.
Details of how to respond to a specific report and the closing date for responses are contained within the report.  Further details on the evaluation process and how we will engage with parties offering viable non-network solutions can be found in the Demand Side Engagement Document.
Following the evaluation of responses to the NNOR and completion of negotiations with external parties (if any) a Draft Project Assessment Report and then Final Project Assessment Report will be published describing the preferred option that SA Power Network will implement.

To be advised of the publication of a Non Network Options Report or other regulatory planning documents, please register your interest on the Demand Side Engagement Register.


Reports open for public submissions

Reports closed for submissions

NNOR Kangaroo Island Submarine Cable

Kangaroo Island Load Profile Data

Kangaroo Island Cable NNOR Information Session - Presentation Slides

Kangaroo Island Cable NNOR Request for Information Register

Kangaroo Island Feeder Network Map

Kangaroo Island 100% Renewable Energy Project Scope by UTS


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