Regulatory Investment Test - Distribution (RIT-D)

Under Section 5.17 of the National Electricity Rules (NER) and in accordance with the AER's RIT-D Guidelines, SA Power Networks must perform a Regulatory Investment Test – Distribution (RIT-D) for all capital projects meeting the criteria specified within Section 5.17.3 of the NER.

The criteria used to determine whether the RIT-D process applies and how SA Power Networks apply this process are explained in the Demand Side Engagement Document.

The RIT-D process may require the publication of up to 4 different documents.  These are:


  1. Screening Test Notice;
  2. Non-Network Options Report;
  3. Draft Project Assessment Report; and
  4. Final Project Assessment Report;

To be advised of the publication of documents published under the RIT-D rules, please register your interest on the Demand Side Engagement Register.


RIT-D process

Regulatory Investment Test - Distribution process map


National Electricity Amendment (Distribution Network Planning and Expansion Framework) Rule 2012, Rule Determination, Figure 9.1 (Australian Energy Market Commission, 11 October 2012)